So it all started with a few posts at the DonationCoder forum, in the ‘Silly Pictures’ thread. I had just learned how to do a nice lightsaber effect in Gimp, and posted some of my manipulations.

After that, I found I couldn’t help myself. Almost every other picture on the web, whether from a news post, a flickr set or a just plain random photo, seemed ripe for altering (for the better?) with the addition of a lightsaber in somebody’s hand, doing who knows what.

I was encouraged to start a website as an outlet for this kind of one-trick-pony artistry, and thought “Hey, why not. Maybe making it a task will actually cure me.”

Henceforth, this blog will be my attempt to shake this addiction, though I must admit, there is a possibility I might end up feeding it.

I’m nobody really, just an average fool who spends too much time playing around with Gimp. All the photos are found from random travels around the ‘net, and I added all lightsaber effects.

Later, I plan to post a tutorial on how I do it, and where I learned the art form.

I will credit the photos where I can and ask for sources when I don’t know them.



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